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Redland Natural Slate
 Redland Natural Slate 
Plain Tile
 Plain Tile 
Cambrian Slate
 Cambrian Slate  
Redlands In-roof System
 Code For Sustainable Homes
Redland Solar NEW 
Integrated PV Tile 
In addition to the existing range, Redland have now introduced a new high performance BIPV (Building Integrated PV tile).These actually replace the traditional roof tile, and are compatible with all the following;
Slate 10 range,
·         Richmond 10
·         Saxon 10
·         Landmark Slate 10
·         MockBond Richmond 10
Slate 10 range can be staggered by using an extension bracket to make the best use of available roofing space unlike other manufacturers,
Plain tile range,
·         Concrete Plain
·         Rosemary Clay
·         Heathland
Natural Slates Range,
Plain tile and Natural slate range must be laid in straight bond. Soakers which will be hidden are required for plain tiles and natural slates, used at the corners and up the panel sides for weather tightness.
Redland also offer a 90 wp PV Laminate. They are glass foil laminate, 22 x Mono-crystalline 6” Cells, with toughened solar security glass.
All these fully integrated monocrystalline tiles are 90wp each, with the tiles blending neatly into the roofing area with guaranteed weather tightness against all the elements, with no additional flashing kits required. The aluminium frame enhances durability & fire resistance, more than alternative plastic based systems and cost as little as £3.00 per watt fully insatalled. Watch the installation Video
The PV tile and laminate has guaranteed power output for 25 years & 15 year roof system guarantee, along with being MCS approved under MCS005 and MCS012.
Richmond Slate
 Richmond Slate
Double Roman 
50 Double Roman
 PV Tile Installation
  Redland PV Tile  
Mini Stonewold Slate Grey
 Mini Stonewold